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June 25th, 2015 Meeting is CANCELLED


There was a death in the family of our speaker so we have to cancel this month's meeting.

We apologize for the late notice but the death occurred yesterday.

Our thoughts and condolences are with Brett.  We will invite him to speak later this year.


Topic: How to Be More Effective with Classes

Speaker: Brett Slatkin




Defining a natural hierarchy of classes in Python can be challenging. Features like multiple inheritance, metaclasses, and classmethods can make such hierarchies significantly more powerful. However, these language features are complex and easy to use incorrectly. This talk will cover the best way to put the capabilities of classes to work so you can write Python programs more effectively.


Brett Slatkin is the author of Effective Python (Addison-Wesley 2015). He's the engineering lead and co-founder of Google Consumer Surveys. He formerly worked on Google App Engine, the PubSubHubbub protocol and managing Google's server fleet.

Meeting Schedule:

7:00pm Networking and Dinner (provided by LinkedIn)

7:30pm Presentation

9:00pm Event ends

LinkedIn Corporation

2025 Stierlin Court

Mountain View, CA 94043

Meeting Room: Unite


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Special note to presenters using a Mac:

If you will be giving a presentation using a Mac, please bring your own Mac to VGA adapter. LinkedIn does not provide these and this is the one accessory which Mac users sometimes forget to bring.



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