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Welcome To BayPIGgies

We are the Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Interest Group. No membership is required, and beginners are welcome!

Next Meeting:  Oct. 23, 2014 @ LinkedIn, Mtn. View


Topic: Analyzing Python for Sourcegraph


Speaker: Beyang Liu



Sourcegraph ( is a code search engine that indexes over 300,000 open source Python libraries (and hundreds of thousands more in other languages). In addition to search, it allows the user to jump to definitions and find usage examples for any function they see in code. To provide these features, Sourcegraph must parse and semantically analyze each repository it indexes. I'll talk about the design and architecture of our open-source language analysis toolchain, particularly how we handle the hairy problems of resolving dependencies and inferring types in Python. And I'll explain how people can use this information to build better programming tools.


Beyang is co-creator of Sourcegraph. He hopes you like it and would love to hear any feedback you have, so please say hi! Previously, he worked on data analysis and visualization at Palantir and researched computer vision algorithms in Professor Daphne Koller's lab at Stanford University. He currently lives in San Francisco, but loves visiting the warmer climates of Mountain View.

Meeting Schedule:

7:00 pm Dinner and networking
7:30 pm Presentation

LinkedIn Corporation

2025 Stierlin Ct (aka Bldg 3).

Mountain View, CA 94043

Meeting Room: Unite conference room (subject to change monthly)


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Special note to presenters using a Mac:

If you will be giving a presentation using a Mac, please bring your own Mac to VGA adapter. LinkedIn does not provide these and this is the one accessory which Mac users sometimes forget to bring.

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