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July 23, 2015 Meeting


Topic: Intro to Deep Learning with Theano and OpenDeep

Speaker: Markus Beissinger




Deep learning currently provides state-of-the-art performance in computer vision, natural language processing, and many other machine learning tasks. In this talk, we will learn when deep learning is useful (and when it isn't!), how to implement some simple neural networks using Theano, and how to build more powerful systems using the OpenDeep package.


Markus Beissinger is the founder of Vitruvian Science, a cloud-based AI company. He is also the lead developer on OpenDeep, a modular open-source deep learning framework based on Theano. You can find him on the web at

Meeting Schedule:

7:00pm Networking and Dinner (provided by LinkedIn)

7:30pm Presentation

9:00pm Event ends

LinkedIn Corporation

2025 Stierlin Court

Mountain View, CA 94043

Meeting Room: Unite


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Special note to presenters using a Mac:

If you will be giving a presentation using a Mac, please bring your own Mac to VGA adapter. LinkedIn does not provide these and this is the one accessory which Mac users sometimes forget to bring.



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