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Welcome To BayPIGgies

We are the Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Interest Group. No membership is required and beginners are welcome!

Next Meeting:  Feb. 26, 2015 @ LinkedIn, Mtn. View (across the street from our usual location)


Topic: Scaling Clusters Declaratively with Containers and Kubernetes


Speaker: Brian Dorsey (Developer Advocate at Google)



Linux containers (Docker, etc.) are a great way to deploy Python processes and make sure all of their required dependencies are available. Once you start running a lot of containers, managing them becomes a challenge.

Kubernetes ( is an open source cluster manager and scheduler that simplifies deploying and managing the containers that make up your application. You declare the desired state and Kubernetes does the work to keep it that way. It assigns resources, recovers from failures and scales easily.

Brian will give a brief overview of containers, introduce Kubernetes and do a live demonstration of moving from a single Docker container to many containers running across a cluster of machines with Kubernetes.


I'm a Developer Advocate on the Google Cloud Developer Relations team. This means I help you build cool stuff with our APIs. I focus on the open source Kubernetes cluster manager and our Cloud Platform, especially Compute Engine and Cloud Storage. I write sample code and create demos, present at conferences and create screencasts. Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions about our APIs.

I've taught Python at the University of Washington and have spoken at both PyCon US and PyCon Japan. I'm a bit of a Python fan (understatement).  I'm currently learning Go and enjoying it.

I love it when people use technology to improve in-person communication. I've done some experiments via coworking, ad hoc lunch gatherings and mini hackathons. It's great to see all the experimentation in this area. We live in amazing times!

Meeting Schedule:

7:00pm Networking and Dinner (pasta, salad, bread and cookies, provided by LinkedIn)

7:30pm Presentation


LinkedIn Corporation

2061 Stierlin Court

Mountain View, CA 94043

Meeting Room: Neon Carrot


If you wish to post jobs here, please go to : Job Listings

Special note to presenters using a Mac:

If you will be giving a presentation using a Mac, please bring your own Mac to VGA adapter. LinkedIn does not provide these and this is the one accessory which Mac users sometimes forget to bring.
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