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Blog Entry Learning the Vi and VIM Editors 7th Edition by Anrnold Robbins, Elbert Hannah & Linda Lamb Review by Harry Tormey
This book is all about how to use the text editor Vi and the improved version of it Vim and to a lesser extent other editors derived from Vi.
Blog Entry Python in a Nutshell By Alex Martelli Review by Donna Snow
Blog Entry Essential SQLAlchemy By Rick Copeland Review by Max Slimmer
This book presents SQLAlchemy in a clear and comprehensive manner. Beginning with basics and covering the subject matter in an orderly approach. It is a good way to gain a fairly in depth understanding and set you on your way to being able to use SQLAlchemy.
Blog Entry Statistics in a Nutshell A Desktop Quick Reference By Sarah Boslaugh, Dr. Paul A. Watters Review by Matt Cooper & Saera Khan
Summary First, let us provide a little context for this review. Two of us contributed to the review; one of us is a psychology professor and the other in software research. We both make regular use of statistics and have some statistical background in our training, albeit with fairly different end applications.
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