Introduction to Deep Learning and TensorFlow

This month, we will have a machine learning talk from Oswald Campesato.

Talk Description

A fast-paced introduction to Deep Learning concepts, such as activation functions, cost functions, back propagation, and then a quick dive into CNNs. Basic knowledge of vectors, matrices, and derivatives is helpful in order to derive the maximum benefit from this session. Then we'll see a short introduction to TensorFlow and TensorBoard. (Bonus points if you know Zorn's Lemma, the Well-Ordering Theorem, and the Axiom of Choice.)

Speaker Bio

Oswald is a former PhD Candidate (ABD) in Mathematics, an education junkie (6 degrees), and an author of 19 technical books. He has worked for Oracle, AAA, and Just Systems of Japan, along with various startups. He has lived/worked in 5 countries on three continents, and in a previous career he worked in South America, Italy, and the French Riviera, and has traveled to over 70 countries on six continents. He has worked from C/C++/Java developer to CTO, comfortable in 4 languages, and dreams of becoming fluent in Japanese. Currently he is working in an AI start-up, and is an instructor at UCSC for a Deep Learning (100% TensorFlow) course, and conducts training in Deep Learning and Android.


LinkedIn, Unify Meeting Room 950 W. Maude Ave, Sunnyvale.

Meeting Details

Meeting Schedule:

  • 7:00 pm Food and Announcements
  • 7:10 pm Talk starts
  • 8:30 pm Networking
  • 9:00 pm Event ends