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September Meeting: Combining compiling technology with AI / Also GitPython and cProfile Packages

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LinkedIn Corporation, Unify Meeting Room 950 West Maude Ave Sunnyale, CA

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  • 7:00 pm Food and Announcements
  • 7:15 pm Talks start
  • 8:30 pm Networking
  • 9:00 pm Event ends

Combining compiling technology with AI / Also GitPython and cProfile Packages

Everything in software development is a type of automation, from timecards stamps to sorting clients’ last name. Compilers are the most powerful software that have virtually revolutionized the reality of software advancement. These automators liberate us from dealing with registers, thus allowing us to work on a bigger scale. They provide room for higher-level languages, bug and dead-code detection, and optimized implementations impossible by human capabilities.

Today, by combining compiling technology with AI, we are ready for the next phase of technology. Compilers are presently capable of finding security vulnerabilities, libraries, and new releases. No longer do all Pull Requests need human supervision. These powerful automators are ready to create, verify and approve Pull Requests as well as developing complex code without human intervention on a massive scale.

Speaker Bio

Joseph Vedadi graduated with honors from UCLA with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering. His focus at the time was on automation and artificial intelligence design and development. During his undergrad, he developed an automated reminder service to remind students of their daily academic obligations using "Email To Text" Technology, which was used by 13 other students at the Computer Science Club.

He developed an automation framework to test the DAL (Data Access Layer) technology at Qualcomm. They installed his framework on a farm (over 500 machines) to execute various tests including nightly, gating, fuzzing and regression tests.

At Symantec, he managed "Jenkins CloudBees Enterprise" for multiple teams for Continuous Integration (CI). He developed many plugins for Jenkins and other internal frameworks to improve the scalability and reliability of tests. He worked closely with developers and quality assurance engineers (QA), to provide a solid pipeline for test automation. Currently, Joseph is developing a test automation framework at Apple.