August Online Meeting: Snakes and Queens!

This month, we'll have two talks:

  • Kat Cosgrove - Snakes on a Car: Or, Over-engineering a Toy
  • Aaron David Goldman - Eight Queens in python and rust
Video of Presentation
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Snakes on a car: or Over-engineering a Toy

Like a lot of engineers, I like to tinker. I also like hardware hacking, video games, and over-engineering the hell out of something. When my team at work decided to build a proof of concept demonstrating the possibility of fast over-the-air updates for edge devices, we settled on using a car as the example of an edge device. It’s flashy, you know? This also presented me with an opportunity to do all of the things I love, and call it work: build a self-driving RC car, and then let people race it around a track using a repurposed USB racewheel, a handful of open source tools, and whole lotta Python. DevOps, but make it fun.

Speaker bio: Kat Cosgrove

Kat Cosgrove is a chronic early-adopter of new technologies and a real-life cyborg. Her professional engineering background is in web development, IoT, and programming education, but today she's a Developer Advocate for JFrog. She loves finding creative solutions for hard problems, especially if they're a little hacky.

When she's not building demos or at a conference, she spends her time gaming, watching e-sports, and working on useless but entertaining side-projects. She also volunteers with area non-profits geared towards getting more women and other underrepresented minorities into tech.

Eight Queens in Python and Rust

Porting a classic interview problem in two languages.

Speaker bio: Aaron David Goldman

Information security engineer, with a history of making tools in python for monitoring network systems and applications.

Code of Conduct

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