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September Online Meeting: Pygame Widgets!

This month's meeting will feature a talk by Irv Kalb on widgets for Pygame.

pygwidgets: Object-Oriented GUI Widgets for Pygame

The talk will start with a quick description of the pygame environment, which is used for building graphical user interface based games and applications in Python. Unfortunately, pygame does not provide standard user interface widgets (e.g., buttons, text boxes, etc.). "pygwidgets" (pronounced "pig wijits") was written to fill this void. I will explain the use of these widgets from a programmers point of view (the API), and talk about the implementation as a good example of object-oriented programming techniques.

The code may be found on GitHub at: and the documentation at

Speaker bio: Irv Kalb

Irv Kalb has a BS and MS in Computer Science and has spent his whole career in various roles in software. He worked for a number of high tech companies in Silicon Valley and worked as an independent consultant as "Furry Pants Productions" for many years. For the past ten years, he has taught software development at local colleges. He currently teaches Python programming at Cogswell University of Silicon Valley and at University of California Santa Cruz Extension in Santa Clara. He has published an introductory book on Python programming, and is finishing up a new book on object-oriented programming in Python (coming soon to a bookstore near you).

Code of Conduct

Interactions online have less nuance than in-person interactions. Please be Open, Considerate and Respectful. Also, please refrain from discussing topics unrelated to the Python community or the technical content of the meeting.


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