February Online Meeting: Python-based Build Systems

This month, we will focus on build systems implemented in Python. We have two talks: a lightning talk on Snakemake and a full talk on SCons.

logos of Snakemake and SCons
Video of Presentation
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Lightning Talk: Snakemake

Speaker: Jeff Fischer

Snakemake is a Make-inspired framework for reproducible data analysis from the bioinformatics community. It provides integrations with shell, Python, Jupyter notebooks, and scientific computing infrastructure.

Main Talk: SCons, a Python-based Make replacement

Speaker: William Deegan


SCons is an open source build tool written in Python. Originally released in 2001. It’s actively maintained and widely used. It’s developed with a focus on correctness, flexibility, and speed.

It’s currently used by numerous large software and hardware companies for apps and embedded software and games.

Attendees will get a quick introduction to SCons,it’s build files SConstruct and SConscripts, and some of SCons core concepts. Armed with this information, you can do a basic software build, and have a good base of knowledge to progress to fairly complicated builds.

Speaker bio: William Deegan

William Deegan (@bdbaddog) is the founder of Bad Dog Consulting, which specializes in build and test automation, CI, CD. Additionally the firm provides mobile development and general software development services and Coverity Deployment and maintenance.

A survivor of 18 startups (so far), Bill started his career at Digital Equipment Corporation writing chip design software (aka EDA tools). Bill graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

In his spare time, Bill enjoys training for Triathlons, running, cycling, reading, and occasionally wrenching on cars.

Bill is active in open source, serving as co-manager of the SCons project and on the board of directors of Buildbot Project. Bill also manages the Baypiggies website and assisted in running Baypiggies for many years.

Picture of William Deegan