August Online Meeting: Iterator Lightning Talk and Ray

Hope you had a great summer! We return for two exciting talks on August 26th:

  • Lightning talk on Iterators from Amish Shah
  • Full talk on Ray from Michael Galarnyk
Video of Presentations
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Lightning Talk: Iterators

This talk is about iterables and iterators, showing why we use them, how powerful they are, and how you can build your own custom iterators.

Speaker Bio: Amish Shah

Amish Shah works at Palo Alto Networks as an engineer on the Prisma Cloud product. He has acquired experiences in various software engineering domains: web development, mobile applications, distributed computing, cloud architecture, big data at different startups. Previously, Amish built cloud based and mobile products, enterprise DW/BI and big data systems at Qventus and Kno. Amish holds a Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Texas at Austin.

Ray: A System for Parallel and Distributed Machine Learning

Distributed computing is becoming the norm, and this trend is driven largely by the computational requirements of machine learning applications. However, building distributed applications today requires tons of expertise. This talk introduces Ray and how it makes it easy to scale your python applications without rewriting them.

Speaker Bio: Michael Galarnyk

Michael Galarnyk works in Developer Relations at Anyscale, the company behind the Ray Project. In his spare time, he teaches Python based Machine Learning classes through Stanford Continuing Studies and LinkedIn Learning. You can find him on Twitter (, Medium (, and GitHub (

Code of Conduct

Interactions online have less nuance than in-person interactions. Please be Open, Considerate and Respectful. Also, please refrain from discussing topics unrelated to the Python community or the technical content of the meeting.