Pragmatic Version Control Using Git So thanks to Tony, Baypiggies' publisher interface, I was able to obtain a review copy. So now just find the time. :)

I've read both the CVS and Subversion editions of Pragmatic version control from The Pragmatic Programmers and in both cases found the books well written and easy to read.

As Git (The version control system originally written by Linus when the bitkeeper folks decided the cancel the license they'd granted to Linux) is one of a new generation of Distributed Revision Control systems, it's necessary to take a step back from what you may already know about revision control. Git tracks diff's and not files.

The first chapter does an admirable job helping one wrap one's head around the fundamental differences between Git and the centralized repository based RCS's.

The second chapter walks through obtaining and setting up Git on your favorite platform(s) (Linux, Mac OSX, and Win-blech OS's are discussed)

The third chapter has the reader create a repository, and then walks you through a number of checkins and basic command usage. That ends the first section.

The second section (composed of 6 chapters) walks you through increasingly complicated examples with a fictitious project.

Finally, the third section is composed of two chapters on administrative topics, migrating to Git, and running a git server.

As I expected, this book upholds the high standards set by the CVS and Subversion editions of this book, and is a great introductory read to get anyone up and running with Git!