TextMate: Power Editing for the MacThis is a must read book for people who want to use TextMate. Theauthor begins with the very basics of TextMate and chapter by chapterhe builds up on the different features of TextMate.
Once you get used to the power/convenience of using TextMate, it ishard not to use it. For example, here are some of the commands that Ifound useful:

  • Apple-key + R (builds and runs the code in the current active window.)
  • ctrl + shift + N (shows the number of lines, words and bytes in thecurrent document.)
  • ctrl + shift + C (math mode, pretty useful for performing quick and dirty math)
  • todo + tab (gives a commented section in which the list of things tobe done can be listed)
  • Apple + / (for commenting/uncommenting code)
  • head + tab (gives a commented header section to write the descriptionof the code).

As mentioned before, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is
considering using TextMate.