The book is well written and approaches the subject in a well thought
order. It starts from the language essentials (you can skip chapter 3,
as all the topics in that chapter are explained in more detail later
in the book), spends some time in explaining functions and classes,
touches GUI programming (using Tkinter only), and also covers some
more advanced topics like regular expressions and testing. There is
also a short section explaining how to port an application from Python
2 to Python 3.

Unfortunately some typos and mistakes have crept in the book so it is
advisable to check the corrections from the online Errata as some of
the mistakes in the code samples might confuse a novice reader. Also I
would have liked to see the author pointing out more clearly the
difference between Python 2 and 3 when introducing new topics.

If you need to get up to speed with Python 3 quickly, this is a good
book for you. As Python 2 is still the only option on some platforms
(for example on Google's App Engine and on some mobile platforms) and
as some of the add-on libraries do not yet officially support Python
3, some people might want to still grab a book covering earlier Python